Here’s a message to NASA supporters ahead of August 8th, We don’t want anyone to die.

 To all NASA supporters,...

Between today and Monday, you'll see a special team from the military in your county, town, village with Kisumu and Migori on the highest rank.

Kindly, to beat Jubilee in their own game, don't trigger them. Let them play their role of standing along the streets. Their main aim is to appear, being jittery, you'll insult them, shout at them, or if they find you in groups, grouping for your own discussions, they want to change that into war, that will allow the national government to mark your county as insecure, deploy more forces, reduce voter turnout that works to their advantage.

We can beat them in their own play. It's this easy, they wear green mask, you can easily identify them from our normal policemen. They are armed with all sorts of weapons and their ground disperse will be at Embakasi Barracks, as we speak, those traveling for the job have been given the weapons.
On voting day, vote very early in the morning, instead of remaining at the station, which they might use to cause chaos, run back to your clan and village, mobilize those who have not voted to go and vote.

If you want to view the counting process, resume in the evening because counting will be done in public view and agents will represent.

Be confident, rigging cannot happen, the kit they have is at Embakasi Barracks, they have been looking for someone to hack it and till today, they haven't found one. The NASA "cloud" tallying centre is equipped with the world best IT personnel who will monitor the system on the D-Day.

Jamming will occur in any case they try hacking the system and they will easily assist IEBC on numbers being transmitted if they are their numbers or someone is feeding numbers.

They are afraid already, the only tactic remaining is to instill fear on you to avoid voting, NASA HAO on their own agenda.
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On 8/8 Let Your VOTE count.
VOTE RAILA ODINGA for a better Kenya.
Team NASA.

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