HASSAN mocks RAILA after he took his case to the Supreme Court! See what he told him! Is this him?

..he will not accept his win.

"This is just the beginning," Raila said.

"We will not accept and move on."Raila added.

But commenting on social media on Wednesday evening, Issack Hassan, who was removed as a Chairman of IEBC by protests led by Raila Odinga last year, quotes Ahmednasir saying the Supreme Court is not a place of empty rhetoric and stories.

This is a screen shot of what Issack Hassan told Raila Odinga and the entire NASA group. (However, some Kenyans believe this is not him.)


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  1. how filthy is you corrupted brain that doesn't good from evil.

    If your feel team new that they were going to cook the election why have an election: just generate your cooked winner and plant him or her in you loo to rule over your puh!

    mavi ya kuku!

  2. Anon 7:10 - Hahaha! Uchungu ni ya nini? Baba ata shindwa tena kwa supreme court. That's his nature; to be a looser at every turn.

  3. Insults will not change facts!! Things are not necessarily cooked when they don't go your way. True - stories and rumors don't make good evidence.

  4. can you people stop insulting one another.why do you become so bitter as if it was you contesting? Be Kenyans and human please stop all these hatred, be it ohuru or raila these people do not even know you in person so please stop wasting your precious time for nothing.

  5. ati akina mama na wazee walifumilia baridi for hours to vote baba sis wana jubilee tuliwaachiria wa vote hawakupanga laini

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