Embakasi should prepare to elect another MP - See what has happened with BABU OWINO

..repeat polls.

“MPs should not be sworn in until the verdict of the Supreme Court is known.”

“Nothing for us without us.”

“On Sunday, August 27, at 11 AM. We will go and pray at the Supreme Court.”

“Kindly carry your bible. Only pastors will be there,” Owino wrote on his Facebook page.

Most NASA politicians have threatened to boycott the first sitting of Parliament until the case challenging Uhuru’s win is heard and determined.


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  1. Tiga wana Babu you are in parliament to serve your constituents

  2. Idiot!!Just grow up.This is not university activism.We have Namwamba who did the same before.I regret voting for you.

  3. Let Babu know that even namwaba was there thumping his chest as a juvenile MP. Where is he now and what is he?

  4. Its not news. We even had Ababu Namwamba swearing by baba one time. Now where is he?

  5. If chaps like Babu the MP elect for Embakassi part constituency he was elected to represent is the type of leader NASA (ODM) hopes to rely on going forward, then I see a very dark future for ODM as a party that hopes to lead Kenya.

  6. i thought babu is a lawyer and knows very well we have two uhuru kenyatta.one is the incubent president and another is president elect.the first is still the president of kenya until another is sworn in.incase we go for another the case decide we go for election who will pass the budget without parliament.grow up babu and your fellow mpigs.

  7. Congrats....Ababu....this is a good beginning.You have a bright future in politics

  8. why call for a repeat election if you won... alot of malice is hidden on your agenda

  9. Namwamba swore by his president then 'Raila Amolo Odinga' in 2008 and not Mwai Kibaki, but where is he now? Do not play with the anointed of God. All leaders/Kings are anointed by God. Martha Karua walked out on Moi in a public meeting. Where is she now? Ababu and Millie Odhiambo should be warned not to ridicule Kings. What God has chosen no institution on the face of the earth can stop it. Nasarites should seek the face of God to understand what is his will for Kenya in this dispensation.

  10. people in Embakasi south voted for you now its time to engage with your community and do the expected. Leave the rest to court

  11. Kuja usort sewerage, drainage, security lights or go to parliament and pass laws that will facilitate the same! Nkt

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