Were marked Presidential ballot papers transferred to RUTO’s home during the dramatic attack?

Saturday, 29 July 2017-According to NASA bloggers, the attack on Ruto’s Sugoi home was stage-managed.

They claim marked Presidential ballot papers were transferred to Ruto’s home during the attack which they say is stage-managed.

Here’s a theory from NASA bloggers on the dramatic attack at Ruto’s home.
The turn of events:
A) 29/07/2017:

1) 10 Am NASA addresses a press conference tabling concrete evidence associating the military with election rigging plans.

2) At 12 Noon, Uhuru Kenyatta responds accusing Raila Odinga of divisive politics and unnecessary attack on the military.

3) At 3:30PM KDF spokesperson issues a statement from DoD headquarters acknowledging that the documents originated from the military.

4) At 5PM Mutahi Ngunyi tweets "military secrets never leak easily, and in an event that they do, the military never accepts.

5) At 8pm the National Security Council summoned to an impromptu meeting at State House, in attendance were security chiefs, the president, Ruto, Matiangi, and Omamo.
To discuss how to relocate the marked presidential ballot papers to Ruto's home.

1) Fred Matiangi and Rachael Omamo issues a joint press conference denying that the documents originating from the military as Mutahi Ngunyi had directed. Instead accusing opposition of blackmail. Saying that they military doesn't have a spokesperson as we speak.

2) William Ruto jets to his Sugoi home in a chopper. Chairs unknown meeting with unknown people.

3) Shortly after 5 choppers land in the compound leaving 30 min later.

4) Shortly thereafter TV stations highlights Breaking News : Tito's Sugoi home under siege.

Meanwhile William Ruto is busy insulting and blaming NASA in rallies some few kilometers away from the very home under attack.

5) Several hours later police choppers start leaving, civilians sent away from the neighborhood as Jubilee allied politicians start arriving.
We're not fools.
They started by creating a scene such that the arrival of military tanks and choppers with marked presidential ballot papers are delivered safely in Ruto's compound without raising eyebrows. 
They had to change the location where the marked ballot papers were hidden because NASA had already known and Jubilee had suspected that they might invade the area with the international observers.

  1. Hii ujinga mtaacha lini jameni?! SAD. Just go Vote.

  2. We all know that you wanted mkate nusu govt which has failed. You are now trying all manner of tactics to cause chaos. God is on Kenyas side. It will not happen. Kilauea Mtu go vote, Kura yako Haki Yako. Only God should influence you.

  3. After sensing defeat, these NASA fellas comes with all manner of theories so they can reject the outcomes. Sad for them.

  4. Oooo tumeskia ujinga wenu

  5. How idle is this person giving all these theories? nobody is buying them anymore cry babies. How come all the trees in your forest are getting slippery?

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