See what S3XY GRACE MSALAME said over RAILA ODINGA’s promise to single mothers.

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  1. kila kitu Kenya sasa ni free.why cant you uplift the life of kenyans instead of promising them free things. we are making Kenyans lazy. who would want to work while everything is provided for free. empower people and let them work their way out. hii mambo ya free kila kitu mpeleke mbali. Just a concerned Kenyan.

  2. Did he just wake up to the fact that they existed?????

  3. Kitty for single mothers?? Really?? What kind?? What about single fathers??

  4. What about single fathers in this era of free things which a pipe dream?

  5. Where are the hyenas that made them pregnant and refused responsibilities???? Where are they? It seems when Raila says anything it is detrimental to the society! Yet a woman can NEVER, REPEAT NEVER have a baby without a man. That means even test-tube babies, or the IN-fertilization thing or whatever. Use your good thoughts and imagine if it was your sister, a single mother. How would you refer to the fellow who did her in??? LOOK FOR THOSE MEN WHO IMPREGNATE AND THEN RUNAWAY FROM THEIR RESPECTIVE RESPONSIBILITIES AS FATHER TO THE CHILD. They are roaming the streets of whatever town they are in and BRAGGING. WHAT AN IMMORAL SOCIETY!!!

  6. wapi nothing is for free in this Kenya

  7. Single mothers ni malaya wote,sio kama widows.Uhuru twendelee na kazi achana na siasa za hawa wanafiq.Kwani ulilala na hao

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