See how UHURU is planning to reject August poll results and cling to power - RAILA now cries for help

..Police, KWS, KFS, Prisons and the army on a scale witnessed only in dictatorships, to help him stick to power even after losing.

Raila claimed that Uhuru and Jubilee have sensed defeat and are now in panic mode.

“President Kenyatta appears to be preparing to reject election results because he now knows he will lose,” Raila said.

“We have seen over the years the increasing militarization of the Kenyan State and President moving around the country in military fatigues.”

“As we speak, Uhuru is marshaling all armed forces to deal with challenges that only he knows,” he added.


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  1. Raila! Isnt he interesting? He is preparing us in every way that he will be president no matter what. By force. All these stories are for inciting the masses lakini atashangaa, losing so badly this time.
    Raila, we are here.

  2. How cynical have you become? All those forces you mention have been put on alert just in case people turn on one another, I heard it being explain by a government official on radio and I believe him... I think it is time we asked God to give us clean heart and a right spirit.

  3. ogembo comment on this

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