RAILA’s match to State House unstoppable! See how many voters watched him debate that UHURU lost

..average of 523 viewers every half hour.

Surprisingly, majority of these 9.6 million viewers who are potential voters in the upcoming General Election, were disappointed in President Uhuru Kenyatta for not showing up for the debate.

Kenyans were disenchanted that the Head of State left Raila Odinga of the National Super Alliance (NASA) to steal the show for the whole 90 minutes.

Many of the viewers interviewed said they were impressed by Raila Odinga for honouring Kenyans by showing up for debate saying they might just change their mind on who to vote for in August.


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  1. 10 m viewers! Polls done by shady bodies. Debate organized and conducted by well known crooks. Questionable issues glossed over. Corruption. 250 acres stolen from two lakeside communities. Sh3m collected from "shareholders" to buy a factory. These shareholders do not appear in shareholders register.

    Lives in a billion shilling Karen residence built for him by cowboy road contractors who fleeced the tax payer in exchange for illegal payment of Sh4.5b for work not done.

    Another sits on 200 acres of stolen NYS land. Yet another sold two embassies. A third is in the papers today. having grabbed public land.

    Joshua and his thugs.

  2. I think there something fishy with the 2nd session of the debate. The 1st session was well moderated with the questions focusing on the candidates' manifestos. How come that the questions of the 2nd session were not not directly linked to the manifestos e.g specific steps on how to deliver the free education, job creation, lowering rents, addressing food security etc? Any careful listener could tell that the questions were tailored to a give one candidate an edge of the other. The format for both debate sessions should have been the same. I think President Uhuru was justified not to participate in such a 'doctored' debate.

  3. And those are the 10 million votes Rao was talking about

  4. Those are the ten million votes Rap been talking aboutr

  5. jubilee will be NASA's breakfast come 8/8/2017.

  6. RAO wasted 90 minutes without making an impression. He was non-committal about whether he will embrace peace regardless of the outcome. He said peace will IF and only if the election was completely free and fair. As far as his track record is concerned, there has never been a free and fair election, he always claims the election is stolen. Common Kenyan citizen are very innocent, they have no power to steal election yet they are the people who bear the blunt of violence and chaos, they are the ones who killed, bereaved, maimed, raped, property destroyed and end up as IDPs in their own county. The very poor and oppressed Kenyans. The top people on the government and opposition have security details. Unless he assures the 10 million people that he stand for peace at any cost, he made no impression in 90 minuted and he will never do. Instead of wasting 90 minutes on TV debate, let him just stand for 2 minutes, preach peace and say that come whatever may, he will do everything in his humanly power to ensure there is no violence and he will not incite his supporters. Then he will get my vote.

  7. march or match to state house..?

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