ORENGO reveals he is UHURU’s close relative after Jubilee linked him to ODUNGA’s wife, SARAH

..Jubilee Party Secretary General, Raphael Tuju, Orengo and Odunga are related since Odunga’s wife, Sarah Ondieki, is Orengo’s niece.

But Orengo said he is too close to Uhuru than to Odunga.

“My nearest relative would be Uhuru Kenyatta because his sister was married in Ugenya to a cousin of mine known as Dr George Owino who was a dentist,” Orengo said 

Jubilee was arguing that Odunga should have excused himself from the case because he is related to Orengo.


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  1. Uhuru's sister was married .....
    Orengo, you are getting nowhere with your judicial dramas and biasis. Your goose was cooked along time ago.
    There is always a way out of evil schemes.

  2. The chief justice is being held at ransom by Odunga, Orengo and the NASA brigade.The Judicial system is turning into a theatre of the absurd . You don't have to be a lawyer to know when an erroneous judgement has been passed. Odunga's recent judgements have manifestly biased and a total miscarriage of justice

  3. i think nasa have realised that they cant beat jubilee so they are looking for mkate nusu using the judiciary. to be honest i too would not wish to criticize the judiary but even a fool can smell a rat between justice odunga and nasa. how comes all nasa cases are before odunga. i thought milimani court we have more than seven high court judges. so this is what kenyans are saying. to make matters worse the chief justice appoints three judge bench and one of them is odunga. he could have been wiser enough to get a three judge bench without odunga. thats why even if he is not . it makes kenyans from one quarter doubt whether he is not part of the cartel to derail the elections.

  4. Hello All. This Odunga NASA thing is very worrying. Note that.

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