NYAKUNDI drops a bombshell on NKAISERRY’s death and names his possible killers.

Ministers of Internal Security don’t just die- Nkaissery Suspicious Death
Did Jubilee Murder Nkaissery Just Like They Murdered Blogger Bogonko Bosire? It sounds all too familiar.
George Saitoti, Mutula Kilonzo, Otieno Kajwang, George Thuo, Bogonko Bosire, Jacob Juma, these high-profile deaths aren’t coincidental. Since Uhuru assumed the presidency, a lot of people have paid the ultimate price just to secure this position.
As we are told, Uhuru’s inner-circle is extremely paranoid. They believe that Kenya is their own to command and take extreme offense when someone goes against that order. The ICC case saw the deaths of anyone connected to them.
Giving Uhuru a second term means Kenyans will be rubber stamping a return to the dark days when murders and extra-judicial killings were the order of the day. Can it be a coincidence that two internal-security ministers just died out of the blues? Let’s be serious as Kenyans.
We now petition all diplomats to immediately issue a statement, calling on President Uhuru Kenyatta to immediately call for a press-conference distancing himself from the murder. The press conference must be attended by international journalists and all bloggers must be invited.

We now petition all international observer missions to immediately convene a meeting and demand heightened security with assurances from the Inspector General of Police, the Director of Criminal Investigation, and the National Intelligence Service (NIS).
This sad state of affairs only means that their security in the country is at risk and is a message to them to either toe the line or die.
We call upon the US Ambassador to Kenya Bob Godec to immediately communicate to Donald Trump the real (not imagined) threat to the lives of bloggers and contrarians who are on record on social-media, criticizing this government. Let Donald Trump be told in clear and simple terms that should he (Uhuru) win elections unfairly, no member of the international community will recognise his presidency.
How does someone who is an internal security minister just collapse and die? That’s very sinister. These things don’t happen in the rest of the world. Wasn’t the death of his predecessor George Saitoti stage for political-expediency? Wasn’t he viewed as a threat?
We have to start preparing Kenya for a street revolution. Lives cannot continue being lost just so that some family can monopolise Kenya’s financial system for their personal gain.
All public critics of the Government people who have criticized Uhuru on Twitter, Facebook, should now step up. This is not the time for jokes. Mama Ngina wants to take Kenya the Congo way.
Kenyans stand up! Ministers of Internal Security don’t just die. These are some of the most highly-guarded individuals. Bloggers are regarded highly in the rest of the world. They don’t just disappear and die. Why are we Kenyans comfortable with such happenings? Because some light-skin bitch called Julie Gichuru asked us to exercise restraint?
Was Nkaissery murdered because of his perceived links to the opposition? Because prior to his appointment as Internal Security Minister, he was an ODM member of parliament. Was he suspected of being a mole by the paranoid Kenyatta family who believe Kenya is theirs?
Does the Kenyatta family in conjunction with National Intelligence Service (NIS) plan to stage the death of Cyprian Nyakundi and other critical bloggers too?
Kenyans stand up!
Let’s say no to the Kenyatta family-hegemony. It cannot be a coincidence that such high profile murders are taking place. This is pre-meditated.
Before the moronic nincompoop Ndegwa Muhoro starts scrambling his death-squads to murder me and other bloggers who will run this story, he should first concentrate on sealing off Nairobi hospital, and doing a public post-mortem. And catching the criminals.
Finally we now demand the Right Honorable Raila Odinga to address an international press-conference, stating categorically that this death is unusual and abnormal. Members of the Maa Community must rise up! Don’t be like Kikuyu’s who saw their son George Thuo murdered and then left it to God.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is an unprecedented event. Don’t take it lightly.



  2. this Cyprian guy is a piece of SHIT !!!!!

  3. u r deluded as fuck

  4. Shit! Let the General RIP or give evidence to police.

  5. the whore that is your mother should also be present

  6. blogger my ass! what kind of non sense is this? im not a registered voter bt i wont just sit and watch you tear this country apart.

  7. Rubbish! So if you got some seat and die you're murdered? Who dies in Kenya? The poor?

  8. who would want to kill such a smelly pussy ass nigga like you who thinks blogging is nobel?


  10. Even though we are in pain on his death, it is not the right time to start speculating without proof...Trump has his own matters in U.S. we can do ours here but after the CS has been laid to rest.

  11. I thought bloggers are bright people, so your just that low in upstairs watch what you say and carry along evidence which can save you in case of need,not just yapping for nothing but to secure popularity.

  12. You are rubbing the wrong way. Engage you mind before you utter anything. Kam dissapiinted.

  13. This guy has no sense of direction. He is driven with propaganda. Why could Jubilee kill Nkaiserry while his ties with the gov was not compromised nonsense

  14. Enter your comment...you are simply a NASA supporter who wants to blame everything on the jubilee government. how could he order killing of a cs who defended him so much?😏😏😏

  15. Nkaissery was undeceivable man.. Not even president could approach him with any nonesense... Now there goes matiangi.. He does not know any plan in place... Plan to rig kenya out of their wishes...Nkaissery was unaproachable..I respect maa community for high discipline

  16. Hahaha what else can we expect from you. You are a medical examiner right? The all knowing god. This is not gonna earn you a single vote

  17. wewe unafaa kulala ndani ukifinywa huko juu hufikirii

  18. You are evil

  19. I have never seen so much Bullshit in a single post. Why would the government kill a person who is supporting them. Simple logic, but hey, we are bloggers, aren't we?..And second, who is Trump, really. A person who can't run his country and you telling us to trust him with ours, that is so cheap an argument. Everyone wants the truth, let the doctors do their jobs.We want a peaceful election, spread peace and not baseless rumours that can destabilize peace.

  20. Boss.... you have guts.... love your County but fear your government....

  21. you talk too much ..........and then left it to God. you dont believe in God / there is God / God is in-charge or what!!! what are you insinuating

  22. he will never rule this country ever he just needs to retire. God can never allow it

  23. this Nyakundi...is an idiot...blaming it on Jubilee..! c88t

  24. Wah, this is so unproffessional and not objective. The comment was made with so much emotions and vendetta. Hence not forthright and looks biased.

  25. Enter your comment...that silly thinking.behave like u own something in this world.

  26. Election is coming soon probably there is a reason why he had to die. There is a particular Group who are always being defensive that makes my eye brow move. Let us leave it to God those killing will be set on fire and pay for their sins. It's only God who knows what happened whom am I to judge? Let him rest in Peace.

  27. Total rubbish.....give proof. ...who are you to insult others. Take all the info to the relevant authorities or shut your mouth

  28. wooi wooi nyakundi Trump has heavy load of problems to solve in his country than what you think is hapenning in Kenya. you claim to have balls of steel why dont you solve it?????

  29. So in a nut-shell, Uhuru is God?

  30. Agent of NASA Propaganda. And may be it is vise vasa. NASA had the motive. Remember when given the opportunity to give condolence message, the leader didnt even hide he had no remorse about the sad news. His was not even a condolence but a bunch of bulshit and propagating on complains about too many police men and KDF who would scare voters

  31. NYAKUNDI IS A GUN ON HIRE.He will be dancing on his mothers grave with his pay when this country results to bloodshed.

  32. you better start living in a rat hole otherwise these dogs gonna come for you and fuck your ranting asshole. you may have a point but who cares really?

  33. Utter rubbish! !! Bloggers calling for bloodshed and calling themselves patriots..

  34. Useless write up

  35. You people are missing the point, this guy is seeking for popularity, he is wishing, that he should be the one dead, so that he becomes famous, and widely talked about!

    Desperation, calls for desperate, acts! In Kenya, whenever any one dies, their, people unleashes, rumours, of being murdered, by some important, man! In essence,they are seeking,importance for dead guy!Imagine, what is being weaved now!
    No defence ministers, die ! They only die from, assassination!

    Kenyans are obsessed,with self-grandiose, and you hear it every time, let someone, get drunk, and drive his car into a pole, and that would be assassination, atemp!

    Kenya, is hilarious, nation!

    It is amusing, to stand,clear of the madness,and witness!

    Most Kenyans seems that they can sell their country, in a wink,and would not give a damn shit!

    You can not even print a piece of paper, with names and a small square box, beside the names? Yet, for over half a century, you have been going to some place, called school !

    Kenyans,You are loud mouthed, fools, all of you Kenyans! But we really enjoy, your articulate - retarded, minds!

    You make us, the intelligent, and superior race, come to sort you out, just, the way Nyaundi, is calling us to hold an international-press, and hear how stupid and dysfunctional, you all are !

  36. Only God will judge you.. That is total hate speech and trust me... You will not go scot free

  37. why do you people abuse this person? he has given out his opinion like any other kenyan, and the truth is all these deaths he has talked about are not normal?there is more than meet the eye on all those cases.


  39. He better go to heaven and come back with full story of evidence about this deaths. He only want to fuel animosity among kenyans.... Useless brat

  40. dark days how now?? uhuru doesnt murder people like biwott and moi used to .he is compassionate. u must be thick

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