Ex-Radio queen, CIKU MUIRURI, narrates how she was nearly STR1PP3D N@K3D by touts in Thika.

Friday, July 21, 2017 - After three Matatu operators were slapped with a death sentence for stripping a female passenger in Githurai, three years ago, former Radio queen, Ciku Muiruri, has narrate how she nearly suffered the same fate many years ago.

I was almost stripped naked once by the ‘moral brigade’ that strangely enough seems to only be found at matatu stages. I was twenty years old. 

Matatu stages have always been Red Zones where a moral brigade stands to attention, eyes darting furiously, awaiting a violator of their ‘decency’ rules – And not just in Nairobi. Everywhere. 

I took a ma-three to Thika. The minute we pulled into the stage, I knew I was in trouble. There were at least 30 matatus parked there and the place was swarming with drivers and makangas. Oh oh. My skirt was black and white, a little cute thing with a slit at the back. There was no way in hell this get up would go unnoticed. The distance from this particular Red Zone to a nearby hotel was around 200 meters. I figured that I could make it before the pack organized itself. 

You have to understand mob psychology. Individuals are quite unwilling to go out on a limb. One guy will never come up to you and start stripping you because he considers your clothing indecent. The loss of responsibility of the individual only occurs with universality of behavior – If many of them think it’s okay to harass a girl, then it must be okay. The bravado increases with the size of the crowd. As long as I could cover the 200 meters before a crowd gathered, then I would be safe. 

The longest walk of my life begins. 10 meters. A few looks. 20 meters. A few murmurs. 50 meters. Someone, after...

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