CRAZY: KISII man narrates how he outran two killer bears in the U.S (WATCH VIDEO)

Monday, 10 July 2017- This guy has just confirmed the long held stereotype about Kenyans and running.

Moninda Marube, a Kenyan living in Maine, US, is making headlines world over after he outran two bears while he was out for an 18-mile run around 5 a.m. 

Speaking to the Sun Journal the 38-year old said: “I saw them crossing [the road]. When they spotted me, they stopped and I stopped,”

“I had to think very fast.”

“I had to make a quick decision: either to climb up a tree or run into the lake,” Marube continued.

However, he opted to run for his dear life and sought shelter in a vacant camp building because he could not swim.

He added: “I cannot say it’s my feet that saved me. It’s God that saved me.”

Watch the video below.

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