ALAI reveals why RAILA collapsed in Coast, He was faking it to avoid this.(JUST READ)

Baba heard that his friend Farah Maalim was having a campaign fundraiser. He had to collapse to escape being made to subtract from what he had already collected.

Baba doesn't like subtraction. He likes only addition.

Secondly, Joho is using baba to beg "watu wa bara" to vote for him. Raila held 5 such meetings yesterday including with Luo leaders and all of them refused to declare that they will vote for Joho.

The kind of mistreatment of people from bara by Joho when he became the governor cannot b forgotten.
People were hounded out of their jobs and targeted for harrassment. Whenever anyone questioned the unfair treatment, Joho popularly told them "nilishalipa Raila sina haja na nyinyi."



  1. your name betrays you...

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