This is WRONG! Shameless mother uses innocent baby to campaign against RAILA ODINGA (VIDEO)

…comments on the same.

Watch the video below.


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  1. The kid is brainwashed by stupid mother who is in jubilee fan,am sure that mother is a single mother and tribalist,who cant teach the kid wrong from right or Right from wrong,Nairobi single mothers hahahahhahahahahahhaha

  2. Just like her stupid parents brain washed this stupid woman is the same thing she is doing to her brain washed kid,single mothers are the worst case scenarios i feel sorry for this kid future.

  3. am sure this is a stupid Kikuyu single mother just the way parents brain washed her,now she is doing it to an innocent kid.Mama mpumbavu umelaaniwa

  4. I think you are worked up for nothing, the same kid is seen in another scene gesturing the same but clapping for Nasa or whatever it is. Jubilee just like your outfit has supporters and it does not make one stupid to follow jubilee, neither does it make you mad since you support that confusion.

  5. any parent will understand the kid is imitating what the adult in the video is doing; for any argument to make sense full disclosure of the adults move must have been visible.

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