Look at ALI HASSAN JOHO’s convoy, He is a real Sultan (PHOTOs)

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  1. Joho, it's not the pairs of shoes you have in your closet or the number and makes and models of cars in your home or the volume of cash in your wallet, house safe, M-Pesa and bank accounts or your political venom or popularity that will be your legacy. Only a short sighted person like you would wallow in that type of fame. Legacy is about the simple hearts of the down trodden you touch. I bet that this thought is strange to you because you never touched any heart of a needy soul. As deputy party leader of a fairly big party, you have shown no regard to the thousands youths whose lives have been destroyed as you enrich yourself at their expense with the stuff you make easily accessible to them to get high and wasted. Your political boss is deliberately myopic about the harm you inflict as long as you bankroll the party and his campaign because he too thrives best in chaos a the lord of poverty among your and his people. Think through your life while in Mecca for the pilgrim, what will be your legacy?

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