Here is scientific proof that women who have regular S*X live longer than those who don’t (READ)

...been associated with aging, disease and a higher risk of death.

Dr. Aric Prather of the University of California, San Francisco, said:

“The comparison was between women who had s3xu@l intimacy in the previous week and those who had not.”

“We don’t know whether the same finding would be seen in men.”

“It may apply to men — there is no obvious reason why it should not.”

“This is an important finding.”

“It provides new evidence that s3xu@l intimacy within long-term relationships has health-enhancing benefits,’’ the study concluded.

So how does this come about?

It is thought that regular s*x reduces stress, which has previously been linked to shorter telomeres, boosts the immune system, increasing the production of natural defense cells that fight disease.


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