Facts no one told you about RAILA ODINGA, this man is no joke.

….sleep on his bed because they were scared.

6. When Alexander Grahan Bell created the telephone, it already had three missed calls of Raila.

7. In School, teachers used to raise their hand in order to talk to Raila.

8. Someday, Raila arrived late to school, other students got penalised for arriving too early.

9. When Raila was born instead of crying, he started laughing and the nurses started crying instead.

10. Raila is an institution when the constitution is at loggerheads with Kenyans decide to follow him.

Acheni Baba aitwe Baba. RAILA E.G.H, C.R.E, G.H.C, H.I.V, UN, NASCOP, NHIF, HOW, IMF, G3, KTN, CR7, G7, Joshua and etc.

From Baba’s ardent supporter

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  1. hahahahahaha u have made my day.

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