After JULIE GICHURU and CAROLINE MUTOKO, another media personality endorses UHURU/ RUTO

…..Great Britain we can all be proud of.”

Sun on Sunday – “It is in the interests of Britain to vote Conservative and keep Jeremy Corbyn out of Government.”

Sunday Times – “Wake up, smell the coffee and vote Conservative.”

Only The Sunday Mirror backed Labour:

“We need a PM with a common touch… and it’s not wobbly Theresa May.”

And how can we forget the US elections where practically every editorial endorsed Hillary Clinton? Or when, here at home, fed up of years of KANU rule NARC was endorsed by the DAILY NATION in spectacular fashion? Pages and pages of it… It was a sight to behold. This happens all the time. Do you honestly believe that the Standard Media Group will not wholeheartedly support Gideon Moi? Media houses aside, these two ladies are not shackled by whatever editorial policies someone else has because they are no longer on the air. With this backdrop, I’m not very sure why so many people are going nuts over them getting their groove on at a fundraiser for the President and endorsing his re-election bid. Lol. Relax.

If you disagree with them, vote NASA but there’s really no need to insult them for having a stand. Yes, they are influential and it’s their personal brand endorsing Uhuru Kenyatta, which makes it even more powerful. Have they benefitted from the administration? So what if they have? I have no beef with it if it’s legal and above board. If you have so much respect for them, hence your feeling of betrayal, then take comfort in the fact that they are in positions to influence YOUR life positively because there is nothing to stop them from continuing to do so if that is their life’s work. So instead of filling their timelines with bile, make suggestions that they can pass on to the powers that be.

Finally, no. They don’t have to be impartial unless they are sitting on the Supreme Court benches or IEBC.”


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  1. This is wisdom and a reality check on a human right entitled to all Kenyans, be they media personalities, judges of the High and Supreme courts or Commissioners in IEBC. Each Kenyan will be making a choice of a leader from a selection of two or more. That's a normal practice world over and it is total nonesense for NASA to cry faul when Julie or Carol say their preference is candidate X and not candidate Y or candidate Z. If for any reason other Kenyans feel persuaded by the influence of media personalities just because we celebrate them, so be it. After all don't see and know that the KTN and Standard media supports the opposition and so does the Royal media owner owner, popularly known as SK who has often said he finances and supports Raila of NASA.

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