NTV’s LARRY MADOWO narrates a horrifying experience with a male admirer in Rwanda.

..was probably crazy. How did this mysterious character pass two access-controlled doors that required a card to open and end up within, right outside my room?” recounted Larry.

“It grew into full-blown terror when I tried to call the front desk and the phone line was down. I kid you not, all the hotel’s numbers had that busy tone you hear when your connection has been cut off. The man was still trying to open the door but now I could not reach the hotel’s security team.”

“Turns out he had convinced the Radisson Blu Kigali’s front desk that we were friends. 

They claimed he had my name and room number on a piece of paper when he approached them from another room in the hotel.

When I hung up on him, he told them I had asked him to come up so they allowed him. It was richly ironic that I was staying in Rwanda’s most protected hotel that week and here I was, fearing for my life. They had only taken a copy of his passport and let him go right ahead. After what seemed like forever, I finally got the hotel on line and they removed the night visitor from my door. I understand he was arrested and investigations are under way.”


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