NTV’s LARRY MADOWO narrates a horrifying experience with a male admirer in Rwanda.

Thursday, May 18, 2017 - Celebrated media personality, Larry Madowo, has narrated a terrifying experience he had with a male admirer at a hotel in Rwanda.

During one of his many globetrotting adventures in Rwanda, the Trend host had a scare in a hotel in Rwanda when a male stalker identified just as Nick tried to sneak into his hotel room.

He narrated the ordeal on his weekly column in the Daily Nation-Front Row

“I had barely fallen asleep when the bedside phone rang with the anger of a thousand blaring horns that could have woken the dead.”

Larry, this is Nick.’ He spoke with the confidence of someone who knew me rather well and if it was odd that he was calling me past 2am, it didn’t register in his tone.”

“About 10 minutes later, there was a knock on my door. If you’re familiar with the consistent rhythm of Sheldon Cooper’s knocking in “The Big Bang Theory”, know that it was nothing like that. Instead of just knocking repeatedly while calling my name at intervals, he was commentating through the whole thing.

His accent said he was Kenyan and the fact that he was truly outside my door implied that he…

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