Nyinyi ni bure kabisa! S3XY Kenyan TV girl blasts men with small d****, No Mercy.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017 - Former Ebru TV anchor, Kamene Goro, has blasted Kenyan men who brag how they are beasts behind closed doors but when they get down to action, they are useless bastards.

The curvaceous TV girl who has been causing men sleepless nights on social media with her big hips,  ranted on her Instagram page and received support from women.

According to Kamene, majority of f****boys brag for nothing.

They don’t know how to satisfy a woman behind closed doors with their tiny propellers.

Hands up if you..

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  1. It's that you have a hole of a pussy filled with yeast, HIV bugs and infested with fungus.

    You must be very boring sex wise expecting the dick to do the job for you as you lay as log when in the act of sex with zero coefficient of friction and zero decibel on the same.

    A whore is always a whore.

  2. I love it when these women go on line with cute faces and say that men have small dicks but strangely enough forgets to tell about their oversized pussyes that will take a camels trunk easily , when you want to call a man dick `small `first let us see what you have that entitled you to say a dick is small .shut to fuck up and take what you get.

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