Genes za Mluhyha! S£XY LILLIAN MULI flaunts her soft tender thighs (PHOTO)

Monday, 17 April 2017 - Lillian Muli has been causing some men sleepless nights because of her hot goodies.

She is currently one of the hottest female anchors in Kenya’s media industry.

Even ladies have to tune in when she is reading news to copy her latest weave and fashion style.

For men, they are interested in her s3xy goodies.

The controversial anchor has shared a photo flaunting her tender thighs.

This is how she tempted men on Instagram.

  1. how stupid can we get as human beings this is the foot of a woman in a sneakers why are we suppose to get hot over it ?? tell whoever this woman to go and get a wash and in the process wash her feet as well , on any street or beach we see much better looking feet each our of the day what so special about this ??? really crazy people you all

  2. its not neither choma au mandazi which you can salivate on and wait antil you get there you will discover that its not worth it.stop this nonsense and focus on other important issues.

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