CHAMELEONE’s wife reveals the evil things he does to her as she files for divorce.

The wife of celebrated Ugandan singer, Jose Chameleone, has filed for divorce and revealed the evil things that the singer has been doing to her.

Chameleone’s wife, Daniella, claims that he has been physically assaulting her whenever he comes home drunk.

At times, she is forced to seek refuge in one of her friend’s home.

“On or about 2013, the respondent (Chameleone) started molesting the petitioner (Daniella) with no reasonable cause and the acts of the molestation have continued to date,” Daniella stated in her divorce suit before an Ugandan court.

“The respondent (Chameleone) has resorted to binge drinking and on each occasion he comes back home, beats up your petitioner (Daniella) without any cause or valid reason,” she added.
At times, she is forced to cover her face to hide the wounds and scars inflicted on her by her abusive husband.
“The respondent’s (Chameleone) violent behavior has drastically affected the health of your petitioner (Daniella) because of the constant beating and your petitioner cannot even sleep at night worrying that the respondent (Chameleone) may kill her,” Daniella stated  in her divorce suit.
She described her life as being in  “grave danger” because Chameleone assaults her with any object he comes across in the house.
He has also been abusing her infront of her young children and this is affecting them emotionally.
“The violent conduct of the respondent (Chameleone) has not only affected me but has also affected the children who watch as the respondent (Chameleone) either beats me up or abuses me without any valid reason on each occasion he returns drunk,” she  further stated in her divorce suit. 
Daniella claims that she has tried to reach out to pastors and friends to save her marriage but Chameleone has refused to change his behaviours.

They have been married for 9 years.

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