You don’t respect women – This is why LILLIAN MULI is angry with President UHURU.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has been on our headlines after he lashed out at Joho while addressing Mombasa residents during the re-launch of Mtongwe Ferry.

The President lost his cool and told the fiery Mombasa Governor to stop nagging him as if he is his wife.

Joho wacha kunifuata fuata,Mimi si BIBI yako!" Uhuru  said.

Uhuru’s remarks against Joho have received mixed reactions from Kenyans.

Citizen TV anchor, Lillian Muli, was among those who lectured Uhuru and told him to respect women after he lashed out at Joho.

According to Lillian, the President has no respect for women.

He only sees them as nags.

“Joho wacha kunifuata fuata,Mimi si BIBI yako!"~Uhuru Kenyatta Is this how we see the women in our lives ,as nothing good but nags??I refuse to see it as a Joho/Uhuru affair, but as an insult on women. Let the whole world know about this by SHARING this post.’’ She posted on social media and later deleted the post.


  1. women always follow men. What would you say of a woman who leaves her man for another man? not following!? women follow men everywhere ,all the time.

  2. wewe peleka mdomo yako kubwa kwenu ukambani.. kila kitu sio lazima iwekwe kwa hiyo context unataka nonezenze

  3. wakati Milli Odhiambo alimutusi prezo uliongea. sasa kwa sababu ametaja wanawake unawika. yeye prezo ako na binti na mke kwa nyumba, mbona hawalalami au mwanamke ni wewe.mkuki mtamu kwa nguruwe kwa binadamu ni chungu.


  5. shut it your mouth Lily, do your work, plz usitafute enemies wengine, your busket will overflow bwana.

  6. ha ha haaaaaaaaaaa muli of all the people!!!!!!!

  7. What does she do when she goes to the clubs??? follow men go to hell.

  8. he could have used better words to address the leaders he doesn't agree with,after all he has retinue of speech writers at his the president of this great nation,his recent utterances in public has been demeaning and uncalled for.statesmen exudes statesmanship.i still believe he is a better president but communication has been his biggest problem

  9. Lilian refer to Kamusi and get the difference between bibi (wife) na wanawake (women)before opening your big mouth and accusing the President. He has not mentioned women anywhere don't be an insighter. Mchokozi wewe.

  10. Lilian herself is a disgrace to women. I won't be surprised if joho amempitia already. If not, then she is trying to catch his eye in her gold digger fashion

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