SHOCKING: You won’t believe what this customer found in a packet of pearl rice (VIDEO)

Friday, March 17, 2017 - A customer has shared this shocking video after finding maggots in a packet of unexpired pearl rice bought from a local supermarket.

This is why people should do ‘due diligence’ while cooking unless you want to include the maggots in your diet. 

They are rich in proteins for your information.

Watch the video by clicking the link below.

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  1. we see them all the time kwa unga,u have eaten many more without ua knowledge u newbie in maggot matters lol.... but thank God they are larvae which then become some thin butterflies...else if they were maggots which remain maggots for life and grow fatter and fatter,i wud have committed suicide ages ago,eek lol!

  2. thankyou for pointing out 'due diligence before cooking' coz it seems the maggies are here to stay lol

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