SHOCKING & DISTURBING! See what a LADY teacher in Gatundu did to a 5 yr old boy.

  1. Kikuyus are destroying this country.

  2. this motherfuckers who are raping and torturing school kids should be killed without mercy!!!!!! how can a real woman torture an innocent one nkt

  3. why should teachers service commission employe mad teachers yawa! that is total madness such a teacher should be in police custody waiting to be charged in a court of law period and should NOT be allowed to continue as a teacher.

  4. some teachers are into devil worship and are out to destroy children.
    Hiyo kweli ni kuguswa kidogo? To an extent of cause kidney failure? By a teacher, big woman? To a child 5 years?

  5. you being one of them...why do you fear thinking...kwani kila kitu ni kikuyu...

  6. Anon 10.14 take care, not all Kikuyus are involved. That was one teacher. Stop blanket condemnation of every other Kikuyu.

  7. what type of a woman does this to a child? if she did this to a male child what does she do to females what objects does she insert. kwani alikuwa na glance na wazazi wa mtoto looks like she was getting back at them

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