PHOTOs for those who don’t know MURKOMEN’s wife, He’s cheating on her with S£XY NAISULA LESUUDA.

Elgeyo Marakwet Senator, Kipchumba Murkomen, has been secretly chewing Nominated Senator, Naisula Lesuuda, behind his wife’s back.

Leaked texts show Murkomen seducing the former anchor turned politician and telling her how she is hot and s3xy.

It’s evident that they have been meeting for s3x.

He even wishes he had met Naisula before he got married.

For those who don’t know, Murkomen is a married man and here are photos of his wife Grace. 

  1. Mheshimiwa valisha watoto vizuri before thinking of polygamy, watoto wanakaa kuishi turkana na uko kwa serikali?

  2. fisi tu!

  3. Ugly man wants a pretty girl. Beauty and the beast. Nenda ufuck mashoga. Ngui. Muthicani itina

  4. i see nothing wrong!kutombana lazima...fimbo chapa..kwani hizi vitu niza nini?

  5. Is that how your children are dressed? I recently watched a TV show where you were with Hon Khalwale and listened to your high sounding nothing thinking that you are anywhere near a responsible parent. valisha watoto na bibi yako vizuri and you will see the beauty in your family.

  6. Murkomen; you may just be surprised that the physical beauty you are looking for in Naisula is nothing compare to the beauty your wife has in her heart. Let another man take her then you will know what you are missing not from the physical but her inner being.

  7. It does not help to send uncouth messages to Mheshimiwa. Anon 23:13, don't throw stones at a glass house when you are living in one. Leave his children out of your anger PLEASE. They are innocent

  8. Naisula was seriously consumed by the high and mighty from the previous GOK. Kwani hachoki?????????????

  9. watoiii. eyishi

  10. Ugly faggot

  11. Mimi sioni big deal hapo. Kwani what is so wrong if he can marry her as a second wife?. Hata MPs walipitisha polygamy in Kenya and the president assented the bill into law. Kwani King David ama Solomon hawakuwa na more than one? Was is criminal? Let us be sober and call a spade a spade. It's not illegal. Murkomen I advise you to also marry her kama mnapendana badala ya kukuwa na ndogo ndogo. Let her also be a wife and take care of her. Fisi kitu gani? Hata mabibi wa kwanza wanasumbua na ndio unaona mtu anaendea mwingine.Ukipata mwingine wanapata adabu.

  12. Mhesimiwa amevalisha hao watoto vizuri. Area ya kina mheshimiwa, hivo ndivo vizuri. Kama wewe watoka Nyeri, dont expect watu wa Eldoret wavae vile nyinyi mnavaa.UCHI!

  13. Yeye mwenyewe ajui kuvaa then how does he valisha watoto vizuri

  14. Is senator murkomen the first married man to seduce a single lady? Just asking! if not mind your own business.

  15. Murkomen's wife is very pretty by the way.Very natural beauty and nice figure.

  16. well si basi ufukuze bibi na watoi ulete naisula kama wewe ni mnoma....i guess u wont,becoz all thise love doveys are just for luring the gullible naisula. kweli mwk hudanganywa tu kama kuku

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