MURKOMEN has been b@ng!ng NAISULA LESUUDA behind his wife’s back (Leaked SMSes & PHOTOs)

Elgeyo Marakwet Senator, Kipchumba Murkomen, has been caught up in a s3x scandal with former anchor and Nominated Senator, Naisula Lesuuda.

The loud-mouthed Senator has been feasting on Naisula’s goodies behind his wife’s back.
Leaked texts prove that Murkomen is madly in love with the 33 year old politician who has irresistible beauty.

In one of the leaked WhatsApp chats, Murkomen tells Lesuuda he wishes he had met her earlier before he married his wife, Grace.

“And you just love someone for who and what they are and not just for laying. I love you just like that. Even of (sic) nothing happens I won’t complain as long as I have you
Your company and presence means a lot to me than anything else and your giggles and you telling me ‘hajana nayo...” reads part of a chat sent while she is preparing to board a plane.

Naisula responds saying, “Leaving in few babes, don’t go away yet...”, .

‘Babes’ is term used by women to address the men they love.

Another photo captures the two Senators chatting.

Murkomen is bare chest while Lesuuda only shows her face and both of them are in bed.
In another conversation dated October 19, 2015, Lesuuda sends Murkomen a message alerting him about a trip to China, to which he responds: “Kuna ukora nataka tufanye (I want us to get involved in some mischief)”

To which Lesuuda responded: “Enhee I’m all ears... I hope ni kutengeneza mali (I hope we will make money).”

There you have it, Murkomen has been squeezing Naisula Lesuuda behind his wife’s back.


  1. kwani Kuma iliundwa ifanye nn kama si kuchezwa sperms

  2. So what! wacha wanyanduane

  3. hhehehehe i wonder

  4. Fake news. So what. Get some business or tell us who you banged last. Some of your moronic friends may b3 interested.Mind your own business. Stop messing peoples homes.

  5. so what is the news?nothing out of this world.wacha wivu!

  6. Sasa shida iko wapi MurkOmen akikula vitu vya Naisula?

  7. money, power and women go together!! so hon. murkomen is just right, BUT remember whatever you do there will be judgement at the end.

  8. Murkomen speaks good english, Hii ni UDAKu tu

  9. keep it up murkomen ukipta shimo tia miti

  10. Hiyo ndio shida ushaget money you start comparing other ladies to your wife whom mlihasoli naye upuzi na kuwa na tama mbaya

  11. Our politicians are a rotten lot. God will judge them some day

  12. Enter your comment...watu wanyanduane kwani iko Nini?

  13. A man can go up to 4 wives at any time. Am not amused. Many wives are blessing, parliament as well signed the polygamy law some years back.

  14. Wacha wivu, kwani ulikuwa unataka unyanduliwe na Murkomen?

  15. saa zingine an innocent village gal esp a maasai akiona mataa...wa! mtakiona....anyway those teeth though....they are u u u u g l i e

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