Letter to MIKE SONKO from a City Resident that has gone viral, This is a must read.

Dear Senator,

Most of us Nairobians give you some respect for your philanthropic endeavours in and around Nairobi.

We thank you for your many interventions in many a charitable cause. But truth be told, having your name on each newspaper and image on each TV station will not make you Nairobi Governor.

Do you measure up with the right qualifications to be governor? How given the chance can you govern Nairobi?

Let us digress a bit and go to Liberia. In 2005 legendary footballer George Weah ran for president of the West African country.

Everybody in Liberia and across the continent celebrated George Weah for his athleticism and achievement on the football pitch both at home and in Europe.

He was the favourite with the young, especially uneducated masses. In the contest against Havard educated, former Finance Minister (in William Tolbert administration),
former Citibank and World Bank technocrat Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, among others, he actually came tops with 28.3% but way short of a win in the first round. This forced a runoff with Sirleaf which he lost 40% to 56% for Sirleaf.

Throughout the presidential campaign the refrain from his detractors was captured in three Liberian pidgin words: "Go See Books."

Liberians were sceptical about George Weah's ability as president despite his impressive name as a footballer of international repute.

His initial claim to have a BA degree in Sports Management from Parkwood University in London was rejected as this is an unaccredited "diploma mill" which awards certificates without requiring study.

(Does this sound familiar to Matiang'i). Weah would later acquire a degree in Business Administration from Devry University in Miami and is currently serving as senator in Liberian Parliament.

Moral of the story: "go see books" or stick to your lane. Defend your senate seat to remain politically relevant.

You may ask why George Weah lost in the runoff even after coming top in the first round!
Ask the same question to your friend Ferdinand Waititu Babayao. How did he loose the Governor's seat in Nairobi while you got more votes in Nairobi than the president? The answer: middle class.

For starters, I must confess while I voted for TNA candidates, I and many of my contemporaries voted for Kidero of ODM.

We couldn't reconcile ourselves with the uncouth stone throwing Waititu as Governor.
That same line of thought applies to your candidature for Nairobi Governor as far as I am concerned. You are yet to convince me why I should vote for you.

Secondly, the issue of academic qualifications is not a matter of intra party power games, it is the law.

If Jubilee does not Clear you, no other party will, not even running as independent will.
You will still have to contend with IEBC who will flash the law to your face. 

Stick to the senate. In the meantime enroll as private candidate for KCSE, attain the necessary grades, enroll for a real degree from a real university (not a degree mill), you are still young to be governor circa 2022.

By Wanyeki Kago!

  1. Sonko might solve the below problem:

    There is this menace of Embassa mini buses that operate from Town to Jacaranda, they overload buses with standing passengers around Kisumu Ndogo. Those who alight at various stages before Jacaranda find it very difficult to alight and also experience theft or attempt of theft from the standing passages who block any available space in the bus. Let him try he might help the Donholm dwellers by instilling sanity to matatu operators along this route.

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