A mzungu catholic PRIEST who has turned Kenyan LADIES into S£X slaves exposed (See his PHOTOs)

A catholic priest who has been soliciting for s3x from Kenyan ladies and turning them into s3x slaves has been exposed.

Instead of doing missionary work, he is busy satisfying his thirst for s3x.

A lady claims she met him online and was planning to meet him for a date but when she asked whether other ladies have met him, she received the shock of her life.

The man is a s3x beast.

This is what the lady posted and the reactions from ladies who have met this randy catholic priest known as Father Christopher.

The reactions to prove he is a s3x beast.

See his photos and avoid him.


  1. If you thought catholics are saints think again; they are all the devils representative on earth, evil to the core. Their churches are full of devil worship paraphrenalia, their mass regalia also has devilish emblems. It is an evil 'church', right from their priests to the so called sisters, the whole lot right to the pope.

  2. The question should be why the white men are allowed to do these stuff to our children! Gava do something

  3. While I don't support whatever is said to have been done by the mentioned priest (since that is not at all in line with his calling), I give exception to the comment given by the first person who makes himself God by judging men of God. Every church has blacksheep and that should not be taken as a generalisation that it is the case for all. Even in a family we do have a drunkard and a saint. All I can say is we pray for the conversion of Fr. Christopher

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