Rare VIDEO: When MANDELA visited CASTRO in Cuba and made this request to him.

Thursday, December 1, 2016 - The late former revolutionary Cuban President, Fidel Castro, played a key role in the anti-apartheid struggle in South Africa, led by late Nelson Mandela.

Mandela and Castro had a special relationship and when the former was released from prison after 27 years, he visited Cuba to meet with Castro and thanked him for the support.

In this rare video Mandela insisted on knowing when Castro will visit South Africa.

“And we have had a visit from a wide variety of people. And our friend, Cuba, which had helped us in training our people, gave us resources to keep current with our struggle, trained our people as doctors, and SWAPO, you have not come to our country. When are you coming?” Mandela asks.

While Castro remained non committal, he visited South Africa in 1998.

Watch the video below.

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