Here’s the amount of money CHERYL KITONGA was paid to set up JACOB JUMA to assassins. of the assassins revealing how much Cheryl was paid and how the plan was executed.


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  1. All of that it's lies cooked one I have analised it to the last page bt, nothing lyk that only a person who want some cash frm BM

  2. That's abit overboard jubilee don't want anybody interfering with "kula nyama" hakuna Siku tutamka bila jubilee scandal after scandal we are living in the last days when Jesus said before his second coming people will be inhuman

  3. Serikali ya majambazi..very expensive for the gullible Kenya citizens to elect ICC criminals, at end of the day they are the ones suffering whereas their 'leaders' are busy amassing illegal wealth and other going on other meat-eating frenzies!!

  4. Gullible Kenyans elect criminals for leadership to feed them meat

  5. If you went for the balance of the money for the " job well done" , you would be now the food of termites and bacteria 6 feet under like you gullible accomplice Maish..system ni ya majambazi,rotten from the head to the bottom..

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