Si wewe uko na shimo tu! Things get nasty as KEN and his girlfriend insult each other (Leaked SMs).

Monday, 28 November 2016 - Ken and his girlfriend exchanged harsh words after their sweet love went sour over infidelity.

Ken’s girlfriend who is from a wealthy family realized that she has been giving him cash which he uses to entertain other women.

She even rented an apartment for him where he brings women to satisfy his thirst for s3x.

She started by sending a provoking message to Ken who is a divorcee saying, 

“Hutawai chezea another woman I’m telling you. U wanted I send you 20 K uhame hau kubwa yakuleta wanawake. Ohh mkora wewe muici uyu. 

(You will never play with another woman I’m telling you. You wanted I send you 20,000 Kshs so that you move into a bigger house and bring other women. You criminal! You thief!)”

Before adding “U are a killer, prostitute hypocrite, liar and manner less, huna heshima ukiitisha my parents ndoo (sp )upelekee wanawake. Kwani you think I dig money…zako nizakupelekea wanawake no wonder bibi yako alikutupa wewe, hakuna bibi anaweza ishai na wewe. 

(You are a killer, prostitute hypocrite, liar and manner less, you have no respect. You asked my parent for money so that you take to your women! You think I dig money for you to take and take to other women? It’s no wonder your wife dumped you, there is no woman who can live with you)

Ken fired back and told his girlfriend that she...

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  1. the man is extremely immature and u are thicker than porridge. how do u house a man??

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