‘MUTAHI NGUNYI’ tells KIKUYUs the ugly truth about UHURU after KURIA warned them.

…. a parody on social media who differed with Kuria claiming that Kikuyus need a government responsive to their needs more than Uhuru Kenyatta as president.

Read his article below.

What our brothers and sisters from central need is Not Uhuru Kenyatta, but a government responsive of their needs.

Itumbi and Kuria, telling a jobless graduate from central kenya, whose family took out loans to subsidize HELB and send him to school, only for him to stand at the street corner holding a placard seeking for an opportunity to use his/her skills that “He needs Uhuru more than Uhuru needs him” is stupid. What this Kenyan need is a government that can create opportunities for him to earn a decent living.

Hon Kuria, telling a father from central kenya, hitting the streets of Nairobi, hawking his wares to earn a living as he pays his tax only for Waiguru to steal it and catwalk in Morocco with the princes, that “He needs Uhuru more than Uhuru needs him” is like witchcraft!!! My friend, what this Kenyan need is a president who will prudently use his taxes to improve his lot.

Kuria, telling a mother from central kenya who just took her child to hospital only to be turned away because the mobile clinics supplied by Uhuru’s disadvantaged and disabled sister is still lying in Mombasa that she “Needs Uhuru more than Uhuru need her ” is like sorcery. You see, what this Kenyan need is a government that will provide basic health care for her family.

I know you guys as a government have been very busy for the last 4 years grabbing any available public land, stealing any available public funds, or making chicken sellers and hair dressers billionaire, as the common Kenyans continue to struggle under your rule. It is possible you were so consumed in corruption that you forgot the promises you made before the last election.

These people woke up early, queued to vote for Uhuru, hopeful that he will deliver the 24 hrs economy, the double digits economic growth, the fight against corruption. Instead, they have seen corruption never witnessed in our land, prices of basic needs have skyrocketed, the medical system is failing, as relatives catwalk their way to our taxes!!!!

Itumbi, what these people need is not for Moses Kuria to go to Kameme and scare them how badly they need Uhuru. If they have lived through the nightmare that is Jubilee, they can surely live through any other government. What they need is a government responsive to their needs, and sir, Jubilee has not been that Government.

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  1. Very true Mutahi Ngunyi. I wonder how the central Kenya will benefit with school fees as alleged. We paid in primary have been paying in secondary school and will continue to pay in University. Why because the public schools have been unable to deliver so we go private. The teachers, Doctors, Nurses, all civil servants and the University lecturers have been forgotten. A funny commission known as SRC was formed and is being used to frustrate these hardworking Kenyans. Tell me. Kibaki came to power when the economy was minus. He worked hard and gave the civil servants a good pay package. Jubilee came to power when they economy was booming. $ years down the line, no civil servant has seen even a single red cent added to their salaries. Sarah Serem is always saying this or that. Recently she came up with some new job groups as if job groups are the problems. Whether you call them UHT, Masiwa mala or what they remain job groups. What the civil servants want are figures and when they will have those figures translated to money in their accounts. Irony of ironies its only the political class and some neural crats whose are enjoying nice packages as others wallow in poverty and burdened with taxes. The MCAs earns more than a professor then you tell Kenyans to go to school. To do what if MCAs and MPs are living large and a Professor cannot pay his bills. Let Moses Kuria tell us another.

  2. Can someone send this to them in person?


  4. Did Mutahi refund the 12 million shillings paid to him by the NYS?

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