Kenyan LADIES should read this message from ALICE WANGUI, It has gone viral.

A man tells you he can't marry you because weddings are expensive? Stop.Wasting.Your Time. 

It does not have to be a Samantha Bridal wedding. It can be a simple church wedding, a traditional dowry payment or it can be at the AG.

My dad told me in old kikuyu tradition even the poorest man would get a wife if he went to 'handa ithigi'..that his intentions had become known. And despite the amount brought for ruracio later, the 'pen' (where the animals are put at night) is alway
s open. He can still be paying dowry 50 years to come. But the man will put a ring on it.

And a proper ring. Not those foolish things called promise rings. I wore one for years and I'll tell you for free those things mean sh*t. A ring that says 'I'm going to marry you soon' , not some vague future, or again ladies; Stop.Wasting.Your.Time.

My big brother Kinyua Kagotho told me if a man wants you, he…

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  1. this indeed is crap from a mt Kenya bimbo.

    the price should be zero or have you parents marry you.

    the ring shit fallacy is a bimbo nut head.

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