Kenyan LADIES should read this message from ALICE WANGUI, It has gone viral.

….. wants you. End of story.

He will take care of you. He will provide for you. Be it in a single room in Kibera or a mansion in Karen. He will be protective of you. He will call. He will text to let you know where he is. He will not play games and you will stop bombarding your girlfriends' whatsapp groups with screenshots to dissect what your conversations mean. You have to turn into an FBI agent to find out how he spent his weekend? Stop.Wasting.Your.Time.

You accept the love you think you deserve. Stop making excuses for some man making half-hearted efforts. You're too full of life to be half-loved.

And as I've learnt this year, love can come from the most unexpected places.Embrace it.
One more thing ladies; we did NOT raise ourselves. We suckled someone breasts. Soiled our nappies(yes, that is what we wore back then).Had fevers and kept our mothers awake all night. 

Someone denied themselves a plot to take you through school. Na . They didnt have to. They'd have bought a car sooner. They'd have stopped renting sooner.
Maybe they'd have gone to Zanzibar for a holiday. But they've never left the country. YOU were their priority.

Do you know what they deserve? That you are taken from their home with respect . And while at it, they wouldn't mind a little fanfare too!


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  1. Very true,if a man wants you he will love protect,
    Unless you have no intentions to get married don't waste time with men who are full of excuses....

  2. Ok now that is such a good descriptor, i am a dude and I think you hit the nail on the head,Ladies dont sell yourself short.

  3. Did someone forget to talk or about to the ladies ?? they want nothing short of the biggest and best weddings weather their husband to be can afford it of not then after the wedding while the husband is struggling to repay the debts she still wants the the best cloths and shoes , they dont get married anymore to love and assist their husband to get by in life but to be keeping up with the jones who are much better off and when they dont get that they are off with some other man having sex behind the husband back while he works like a horse to provide and pay bills ,this man got it right .

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