Here is that disturbing VIDEO of a black man forced into a coffin by 2 white men in SA.

... a Johannesburg court on Wednesday on charges of’ ‘assault’ and ‘kidnapping’

This disturbing footage has re-ignited debate about racial discrimination in the ‘rainbow nation’ and highlights how divided the country remains more than two decades after the end of apartheid.

Watch the video below.


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  1. Fuckin' muzungus - all the idiots are supposed to be bundled out of African Countries. And that is WHY President Mugabe is my hero - he can't stand that nonsense.

  2. its so sickening, i cant believe this inhuman act, may they fly away with the devil forever.

  3. And the same niggaz in power busy creating poverty by stealing from the vulnerable. What a stupid African continent. Its inhumane and don't blame the wazungus for acting this way since the governments are worse.

  4. After our Field Marshal Dedan Kimathi slaughtered the bastards until they ran away we should appreciate ,that in kenya we dont have those evil whites-wira wa mundu wa nyumba!

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