Giant Buffalo messes with the wrong elephant calf in Maasai Mara, regrets immediately (PHOTOs)

Tuesday, November 29, 2016 - While both animals belong to the ‘Big Five’, an Elephant in Maasai Mara recently showed a Buffalo who is boss.

This happened when the two animals bumped into each other and the Buffalo started charging at an elephant calf, that was minding its business.

The female Elephant did not take this act of aggression lying down. She hit back by digging her tusks into the Buffalo and tossed him in the air with vengeance.

The Buffalo died on the spot.

All this was captured by amateur photographer, Kimberly Maurer, 56, who was on holiday at the famous game reserve. 

“I started looking through the images on the back of my camera immediately after the attack and became very excited to discover that I had actually captured the event in detail.

“This photograph was, no doubt, a once-in-a-lifetime capture for me. As you would imagine, his carcass was a meal for another animal or two.’ She is quoted by the Daily Mail.

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  1. Miscalculated move... hunter becoming hunted. Typical of our politics.

  2. the killed buffalo looks very different from the culprit buffalo.

    both side look different, was there chasing before the killing, its like the elephant picked on an innocent buffalo.

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