AKI BHANGI NI MBAYA! See what these guys were caught on camera doing (VIDEO).

Tuesday, 22 November 2016 - It’s either these guys had smoked too much bh@ng or they are just too foolish.

They don’t know how to make work easier and that’s why they were caught on camera behaving like zombies.

Watch this crazy video and see what they did. Or are they doing something important in construction that we don’t know.


  1. They are only following instructions by fundi: Muchanganye: mchana wheelbarrow 3 kwa mfuko moja ya simiti.

    Adm: how else will they count 3 wheelbarrow ya mchanga. Adm wewe ndio umevuta bangi.

  2. Making sure that the sand is in right ratio as well as proportion they intend to use with other materials..

  3. You are the zombie, they seem to be counting/measuring sand mybe getting ready for a construction.

  4. If you don't have something better, leave the page blank. Concrete mixtures are made in ratios; say sand 5 measures, ballast 5 measures, cement 8 measures depending on what the mixture is meant for. Got it? Those guys are doing that.

  5. They must measure the sand using the wheelbarrow to get the right measurement for mixing with ballast and cement.

  6. Thats very okay. You have to get the sand:cement ratio well when mixing and one way is the number of wheelbarrow load to cement ratio, otherwise it will be another Huruma or Kisii tragedy.

  7. Five willbarows of sand for one bag of cement bana. Hiyo c bangi.

  8. Before mixing cement with the sand, you must have the proper ratios of sand and cement. And that is exactly what they are doing. please admin learn something about construction before saying bhangi at work.

  9. Admin u r stupid!!!,cant you see wanapima the number of wheelbarrows(sand) to mix with others for construction

  10. Bhang smoking admin

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