“You have been having S£X with my husband” LADY exposes S3XY Nairobi socialite (PHOTOs)

Wednesday, 19 October 2016 - S3xy city socialite and wannabe model, Amber The Brand (we have shown you her photos before), has been exposed by a married woman who realized that she has been having s3x with her husband.

The woman claims that this socialite has been leaving traces behind (including her shoes) after having s3x with her husband.

This is what the estranged woman posted and exposed the shameless socialite baldy.

“Hizi ndoa zina maneno.”

Minding my own business has been my full time occupation. But there comes a time when some b*** really pokes their nose in your business trying to force you to start minding their shit!For far too long I have not obliged but kuna saa punda huchoka!! so now since you have been crying out to get my attention to notice that you exist, I try dig out who you really are.

You have been trying too much to leave traces behind for me to notice, you make sure any opportunity you get you leave your shoes in my car, take photos in my husband's car, wear his sandals and literally any opportunity you get you must try snap it! why are you trying so hard?am not saying my husband is a saint here am dealing with him once am done here.

To him you don't exist . I remember the incident he refused to pick your calls and you had to come to my matrimonial home shouting, that you are pregnant..mimba inamea kuelekea nyuma ama mbele? sometimes let nature take its course!

Don't try stop your menses just because u want to meet him it only takes 3 to 5 days, its not a matter of life and…

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