Why cheat on such a beauty? Meet the LADY who exposed her cheating husband (PHOTOs).

Wednesday, 19 October 2016 - This pretty woman revealed on Kilimani Mums that her husband has been cheating on her with struggling city socialite, Amber The Brand.

Her husband is filthily rich and that’s why beautiful ladies have been chasing him from right left and centre.

Minding my own business has been my full time occupation. But there comes a time when some b*** really pokes their nose in your business trying to force you to start minding their shit!

For far too long I have not obliged but kuna saa punda huchoka!! so now since you have been crying out to get my attention to notice that you exist, I try dig out who you really are. You have been trying too much to leave traces behind for me to notice, you make sure any opportunity you get you leave your shoes in my car, take photos in my husband's car, wear his sandals and literally any opportunity you get you must try snap it! why are you trying so hard?am not saying my husband is a saint here am dealing with him once am done here.

To him you don't exist . I remember the incident he refused to pick your calls and you had to come to my matrimonial home shouting, that you are pregnant..mimba inamea kuelekea nyuma ama mbele? sometimes let nature take its course! Don't try stop your menses just because u want to meet him it only takes 3 to 5 days, its not a matter of life and death.

When I asked about the car issue It was immediately taken away from you and sold in kisii..anytime i question him he always denies, of course I do not expect him to agree meaning u should just stay and stick to your lane.Don't try too hard, live your life and stick to your lane, if u did that no one would be bothered! Don't try and do your witchy acts.

Faith Makau Kamiri aka iam_amberay chill pill should be your best friend.u try say you are independent. I don't judge how people make their living but u claim to be miss independent how does your salary of 55k at Panaito Photography afford you a house ya rent ya 80k? afford school fees at riara? good for you yes but if you can break the calculations down there is no independence, don't fool us that it's your salary you depend on!” She posted and exposed the struggling socialite badly.

See photos of the estranged woman in the next page.  Why would a man cheat on such a beautiful lady.

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