Who dresses RAILA ODINGA nowadays? He looks smart and young at heart (PHOTOs).

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  1. A cow remains a cow at whichever angle you look at it.
    He is oooold.
    Even if he dress like a teen,he will remain an old mzee!

  2. Anon 0519 lakini anashinda baba yako- dnt play with RAO when it comes to fasion- nugu hii

  3. Only a nugu can communicate with a nugu

  4. There is a saying, in fact two to be precise in Nigeria among the Igbo, that say:
    1. A monkey no matter which city it's treated to, will eventually dash back to the trees in jungle or forest.
    2. A wise and intelligent leader is differentiated not by the quality and color of his gown but by his word and actions.
    These are weighty proverbs and they speak volumes on their own. What more can you use to judge the shortcomings of the Lxxxxx chief?

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