TNA female MP accused of S3XUALLY harassing her bodyguard and causing his death (DETAILS)

Monday, 17 October 2016 - Thika Town MP, Alice Nganga, has been linked to the death of her late bodyguard, Yongo, who died under mysterious circumstances.

According to Nyakundi, the popular Legislator is to blame for the death of her late bodyguard.

Alice’s bodyguard is said to have died after over-dosing on v!@gra, a s3x enhancement drug that can lead to death incase of an overdose.

Besides protecting the Legislator, he was satisfying her strong appetite for s3x.

He was forced to take blue pills to help him service the randy “mheshimiwa” properly but he....

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  1. I don't trust this story. Why would she hang on a bodyguard for her very personal human needs and she has ample access to many potential able men including myself to approach?

  2. This whore is dirty

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