TNA female MP accused of S3XUALLY harassing her bodyguard and causing his death (DETAILS)

..... ended up taking an overdose of the s3x enhancing drugs and this led to his death.

Just like Shebesh, Alice Nganga’s randy behaviours are well known in the political circles.

After the mysterious death of Yongo, her other bodyguard by the name Santos died in a grisly road accident along Thika Road after his saloon car stepped on ovacados and veered off the road before crashing.

Here’s the article by Nyakundi linking Alice Nganga to the death of her bodyguards.


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  1. "after his salon car stepped on avocados"

    How does a car "step" on some fucking avocado bitches?

    Men, give us a break! Read your shit before you post it? Bitch!

  2. These idiots who authored this article should go back to school, or write their articles in mother tongue. This is an abuse of the queen's tongue. A car stepped on tomatoes??? Shit happens!

  3. 2 crazy for cabbage

    Anon up above you are right this faggot posting fucked up report using fucked English. .....what the fuck!!!

  4. You three above either you are idiots or you don't watch news. The story of the accident read ovacado was captured by the main media. Yet you are yapping kama wajuaji.

  5. sini malaya

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