This may make you cry! JUDY reveals what she has been going through in her marriage.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016 - Here’s a post by Judy, a married Kenyan woman who has exposed what her abusive husband has been doing to her.

Despite providing almost everything in the house because she has a better paying job than her husband, he keeps on beating her like a drum.

This is what Judy posted;

  1. Leave! You are not a drum. You have a mother that laboured to bring you out. Go back to her

  2. As a man and a doctor, I would ask you to move out of this marriage quickly and be safe. This kind of man is the type that would mist likely even kill a spouse because of envy that you earn more than he does. A man that hits a woman or a husband who beats a wife is not worth their name and respect. You should not suffer one more day with him. You have capacity to recover your dignity and self esteem as a woman of substance. That man of yours will regret when he realizes you are no longer there to put food on the table for him. Believe me, he must be having a mpango wa kando he is sponsoring with his salary. Your life is much more precious and you deserve a life.

  3. Don't leave.

  4. Stop dishing your big cunt to your office bosses

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