This is why BONIFACE MWANGI chose GITOBU IMANYARA to fface RUTO in court

In such a case you don’t just pick any lawyer from the streets. Qualifications and professional experience are key but you need a lawyer who has been tried and tested in fighting the system.

A lawyer with proven track record of steadfastness, fidelity to the law and one who’s not easily swayed with material possessions.

You need a lawyer who won’t be bribed and drop your case along the way. But more so, you need a lawyer who understands how to deal with government crooks like Ruto.
Why is Imanyara fitting the bill?

Comrade Imanyara is a human rights lawyer, a journalist and a politician.

As an activist, he crossed the red line during Moi’s regime which led to his many arrests. In 1987, he was imprisoned at the dreaded Kamiti maximum prison on trumped up charges.
In March 1991, Gitobu Imanyara was picked from his office by Moi Special Branch goons, interrogated for two hour then sent to jail after being charged with sedition.

The New York Times carried the story on March 10, 1991, read it here…/the-world-in-kenya-the-lawyers-lea…

In the fight for second liberation, comrade Imanyara was on the front line with the legendary Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, Paul Muite, James Orengo, Raila Odinga, Kenneth Matiba and others.

Hi has stood the test of time. Moi was always looking for his balls to grind. He survived.
On April 18th, 2012, an incident occurred where Imanyara was captured by hoodlums and forced to kneel down and say “Uhuru Tuko Pamoja” while facing Mt Kenya. This was as a result of his refusal to support Uhuru presidential quest.

Here are his words verbatim:

“The men came out of a ‘stalled’ car and asked me if I was Imanyara. Upon answering in the affirmative, they told me to come out and kneel while facing Mt Kenya and repeat the words, “Uhuru tuko pamoja” (Uhuru I am with you) three times,” said Imanyara.

You can also read the story here as captured by the standard newspaper on April 19th, 2012 >>…/2000056…/facing-mount-kenya

You can now agree with me that you require a lawyer who has stood the test of time. If you pick socialites like Donald B. Kipkorir, boys who love flossing around with chips Kuku, you’re doomed.

Orengo nyatieng is another trusted comrade.

Donge amit?

By Jim Bonnie

  1. The writer is mistaken to give the impression that this case is about Imanyara's tenacity as an activist, human rights lawyer etc. He is to stick to the law and the facts of the case and carefully try to poke holes on the evidence. His own state and past history is totally out of place and irrelevant to the case. If that line of defence is used, this lawyer will have failed his client. When Mwangi picked on Imanyara, the objecyive was short term. To scare Ruto that the closet with skeletons will be open up and show Ruto he is better advised not to sue Mwangi as he had threatend, otherwise the 'Hunter will be the Hunted' if you consider the barrage of past issues and allegations including the ICC matters Mwangi had hinted to.

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