This is the Jubilee Government for you, Look at this PHOTO to understand better.

  1. It is ONLY in Kalenjin land that you get such happenings

  2. do you understand the meaning of electrification or you want the government to built the house for them

  3. How do you get electricity without a floorplan like they ask for in major towns?risking people's lives for votes

  4. No problem dont be ashamed of where some of your people leave, the happiness is in the heart with peace.
    Some people cannot share their worst, look at the compound and the environment - its clean and ever green. You thank God for such environment.

  5. I don't mind getting power in a mud house. Do you want me to stay in a dark mud house?

  6. i think its wise first build them even timber house the put electricity instead of a mud hse which can collapse any tine and family get electrocuted.

  7. Enter your comment...kwani kibera na mathare ni za mawe ama granite, si ni mapote tupu useless jaluos

  8. Hahaha don defend yasef guyz kubali yaishe

  9. 6.05 haki Ya nani??? 😀😀

  10. Its better to put electricity in that house than do nothing.

  11. Jaluo kula mafi ukalale

  12. It sounds weired!

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