Naughty ‘BEN 10’ shares a PHOTO online after b@ng!ng his sug@r-mama, Is she your wife?


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  1. Yes, let her enjoy

  2. An aging woman resting her thick head on the makende za Ben 10....lo! sisi kwisha

  3. Hahaha u stupid boy u thnk yo xposing yo sugar kumbe ya gf amekdump who is the loser btwn u and ya sugar! Thnk b4 u post such dirty things mcheeeeew!!.

  4. Msenge wee!

  5. Huyu jamaa hata amepata jini hasa!

  6. University students fucking mama mbogas in the estates

  7. Enter your comment...its treason to eat somebodies wife, u r courting death

  8. Haaaaah aki the boys of today si mko na mambo so fucking an ancestors make you a better man you can do better than this.

  9. You boy si wewe peleka nguvvu kwa wasichanaa kuliko kuu kalishaa makende juu ya shingo ya mama. Sasa ndio umee laniwaa vizuri.

  10. Makende utavunjwa kuwa tayari.Nihayo tu!

  11. university guy lazy faggots.

  12. if telling / showing the world what you do in closed doors makes you a better person, then you are a hero celebrate yourself!!!!

  13. Lol,am afraid this selfie style will trend.

  14. The mama enjoyed to the point of taking a selfie not knowing it could come to haunt her.

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