Man about to stab pastor in church gets struck by God’s power! Is this a miracle! VIDEO

Wednesday, October 5, 2016 - This video of a man trying to stab a pastor in church collapsing before executing his plan that has gone viral.

From the footage, the guy was seated in front of the church while the pastor is preaching.

Then suddenly, he stands up and walks towards the pulpit with his knife in hand.

Before he could attack the pastor who by now can be seen preaching passionately, the guy collapses as if struck by some unseen force.

The congregation gathers around him while seemingly casting out the evil spirits from him.

Do you think it is real or it is another ‘Kanyari’ staging miracles to hoodwink gullible followers?

Watch the video below and be the judge.

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  1. The lengths these people will go to convince the prey....

  2. Crap,this are owuors tactics

  3. Kwani there is no security? Get G4S

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