LARRY MADOWO tells you the bitter truth about SONKO, MIGUNA can hang a transformer.

…. Sonko the youth around this city idolise, he would become just another punk. He doesn’t need to be cultured to win their love, he has it by default.

Sonko is a new kind of leader who doesn’t fit in the traditional mould of what a politician should be. While Sakaja prides himself in being the ultimate gentleman, Sonko thrives on his street smarts. When there is a fire in a slum, he will be there in jeans and boots, getting his hands dirty.

When market women are evicted, he will be at the forefront, agitating for their rights, threatening whoever needs to be threatened and paying whatever bills arise. The legend of Sonko has become almost as big as the stature of the man himself.

His real or perceived closeness to President Uhuru Kenyatta doesn’t hurt on the streets either. This is especially so since State House has never publicly rebuked him and the president appears to be genuinely amused by all his drama.

In any case, the public outrage that greets every new Sonko meltdown only lasts a few days and then dies out. Nobody has ever sued him for anything he has done. Nobody has started impeachment proceedings or even a censure motion against him. Kenyans have learnt to tolerate the Nairobi senator and secretly enjoy it when he shakes things up a little. The truth is, there are moments when he is the only one speaking up when things are going awry.

“I am number three in command socially, politically and influence-wise” he said in Machakos on Saturday. He’s not entirely off the mark, actually. Besides President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga, he had the third largest number of votes in the whole republic. It is  possible that much of Sonko’s mass appeal is because he is the devil we know rather than the angel we don’t. He may be unrefined  but at least he seems to know what the people he represents want.

Whether the people of Nairobi want to be led by a man with an endless potential for conflict and offence is a different story altogether. All reasonable citizens should worry that a man with a history as troubling as his is the favourite to win the governor’s seat. It is certainly easier to win the election than to govern, especially a complex and multilayered county like Nairobi. If you really don’t like Sonko’s hijinks, speak up and make your displeasure known at the ballot box. Otherwise, accept and move on.


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  1. Larry your are spot on .Sonko is the man to beat in next years General Elections.

  2. larry thats true he might have his own mistakes but for sure he looks after the ordinary mwananchi,the elite,well culturd behaved and wearing italians suits,what have they dine for the mwanachi wa kawaida,all they do is steal and give the president an headache,have you ever seen them pay hospital bill,buy mabati to the affected in mukuru or any atleast him he gives bk to the society

  3. I bet my makende that Sonko is the next Nrb gvnr

  4. Even we people from mombasa support sonko for gvnr nairobi.

  5. Don't about Nairobi politics. Worry about the health of NMG. Its share price is trading at Sh105. Down from Sh325. That is the real worry. Soon there will be no Nation Center to go to. Good luck boy!

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