LARRY MADOWO tells you the bitter truth about SONKO, MIGUNA can hang a transformer.

Gideon Mike Mbuvi Sonko will likely be Nairobi’s next governor. At this point, the Iron Throne of Kenya’s most important county seems his to lose. If he runs, he will likely win. 

Forget what an out-of-touch elite will tell you on Twitter. Ignore what image consultants and public relations experts say in air-conditioned TV studios. Disregard Obama-esque campaigns by other aspirants for that post because we’ve seen them before and they didn’t work in the real world.

Mike Sonko will easily beat Evans Kidero, Margaret Wanjiru, Johnson Sakaja, Dennis Waweru, Eugene Wamalwa, Peter Kenneth or whoever else is thrown his way. Don’t even think that he needs the Jubilee ticket to do it. Even if he ran as an Independent, or on a different party if the regulations allow, he will likely still win. As long as Sonko runs for governor, he is almost guaranteed to win. You can take that to the bank.

This is where and why his public persona becomes problematic. All things remaining constant, our nation’s capital will be led by a leader who believes it is okay to disrupt a funeral, declare himself acting president and dismiss everyone else with “Taka taka” and “Ghasia”. An abridged history of Sonko behaving badly would be too long to be considered abridged. You would probably need to categorise it by month, or just those that were outstanding in their embarrassment score.


This is the man who has proven that nothing embarrasses him. What ordinary mortals might consider a faux pas, he embraces with commitment. Wearing dirty jeans to an important national event? Done. Dreadlocks in the hallowed halls of Parliament? Been there, done that. Calling the president during a protest to stop a demolition? You bet.

It is precisely because of these antics that he is popular, not in spite of. What an educated middle-class individual considers primitive, the voting masses see as relatability. If Sonko were to polish up, wear Italian suits all the time and speak only in accented English, he would lose the popular support.

He wouldn’t be the…

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